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 Holy Quran and Earth

Surrah Fatir - ORIGNATOR& & - No.35 - Verse: 27 - 28

(Obedient and rational people wonder why such benevolent, clear and eye-opening knowledge was opposed? And even now it continues to be opposed. However this is not all that strange. People’s mind-set and attitudes are different from each other, and you will see this everywhere. This can be eliminated by following Divine Guidance.)Don`t you see how water comes down from the clouds, following which different fruits of varied colours are produced. (It does not happen that all fruits and crops are the same.) And look at the mountains. Although you observe streaks of white and various shades of red as well as others which are jet black, these mountains are basically the same. verse 27

The same applies to men, animals and cattle of various kinds. Such creations of nature are living proof of the working of Divine Laws. However only those who reflect over them with intellect and reason bow in submission to Him. Only they deserve to be called `the scholars`; and only they can comprehend how over-powering and supreme Allah`s Law is. Whoever lives accordingly is provided with sufficient means of protection. verse 28

Surrah An-Nahl - THE BEE - No.16 - Verse: 14 -16

Allah Almighty has also subjected to you the sea so that, out of it, you may have fresh food and also what you use as your ornaments. You see how the ships plow through the sea carrying you forward in quest of His bounties so that your efforts may fructify. verse 14

Allah Almighty has formed the earth in such a way that you may sit on it firmly while it revolves. He has also created mountains and rivers and land tracks so that you may reach your destination (21/31, 31/10). verse 15

And He has created (various other) landmarks - also the stars to serve as sign-posts as guidance during your journey (during the night).verse 16

Surrah An-Nazi`at - SNATCHERS - No.79 - Verse: 28 - 33

Allah Almighty created these huge bodies high up in space. He then gave them balance and equilibrium so that they would remain stable and continue on their path. verse 28

And in space, He made the night dark and brought forth light during daytime. verse 29

Next look at the earth. Earth and all the other celestial bodies were one mass, the Nebula. The earth was taken and thrown out of this, just like a stone being propelled away by a catapult (21:30)3. verse 30

The was taken from the oceans by distillation (to regions of dry land). Thereafter We made vegetation grow in these regions;verse 31

And raised huge and firm mountains in these regions. verse 32

And We fashioned the entire system in a way that it would produce means of sustenance for you and your cattle. (Land is the source for producing sustenance. One can benefit from it but not become its owner.) verse 33

Surrah Yunus - JONAH - No.10 - Verse: 5

He has designed the sun as shining glow and the moon which reflects light and appointed stages for the moon so that you may reckon time and mark the number of years. Allah Almighty has not created this otherwise than in accordance with truth (to fulfil a definite purpose according to His plans). He explains His laws clearly to a people of understanding. verse 5

Surrah Al-Anbiya -THE PROPHETS - No.21 - Verse: 30 - 32

(Out of their sheer ignorance some people take natural phenomena as deities or divinities. This is despite the fact the entire continuum of the universe has been created by Allah Almighty and remains fervently in action according to His given programme. At present various phenomena in the universe appear to them as functioning separately from one another, but) Do they not seriously understand that in the initial stages of creation all of them were one mass which We then parted, so that the various celestial bodies started floating in their own orbits (21:33; 36:40). (Take for example the planet earth. In its initial stages it separated from the original mass, just like a stone thrown out from a catapult ~ 79:30.) Later (when the earth became ready to bear or produce living things) We started life from water. (All living things are created from a mixture of water ~ 24:45. And over this fountain of life Allah Almighty has kept His own control ~ 11:7.)It is strange that even after all this explanation, they do not believe that only Allah Almighty wields absolute sovereignty over everything in the universe. verse 30

And We have made earth such that as it continuously revolves, people live on it undisturbed (16:15). Furthermore on it we made firm mountains (which function like water reservoirs and hold minerals for your use); and valleys and ravines which are used as passageways. verse 31

And over the earth We created an atmosphere which is s