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 Rasool Allah (saw)The Call to Faith and Freedom

A cry was raised. A man was standing by the hill and calling to the people: "Come, O people, come, I have brought a message for you.

The people ran towards him, children too, and gathered around him. In order for his voice to reach the people more clearly and so that they could all see him, the man climbed upon a large boulder and stood there. Then he looked at the people and said: "O people! O fellow townsmen! O my kith and kin! You all know me well and trust me. Is it not so?"

The affirmation of the listeners was loud and unanimous. The man continued: "O people! I have been, sent by God the One and Unique with a message for you."

What is that message, O Muhammad the Trustworthy?" said one of the listeners.

Say, `there is no god but Allah`, you will prosper replied Rasool Allah (saw)." Don`t worship idols anymore. Don`t maintain partners with almighty God. Don`t obey the tyrants. Don`t be unjust to others, and be an enemy to injustice and oppressors.

Say, `there is no god but Allah`, and accept the leadership of mankind and save them from the disgrace of oppression.

Say, `there is no god but Allah`, and be dignified and free in the world and live in Paradise in the Hereafter.

This is the message I have brought to you from Allah, `there is no god except Allah.

There was uproar. They wouldn`t allow Rasool Allah (saw), the Trustworthy to continue his speech. Some were sunk in thought while some, who were the nobles and tyrants of Makkah, were angry and were making fun of Rasool Allah (saw).

One day a group of the nobles of Makkah went to the house of Abu Talib, Rasool Allah`s (saw) uncle. Abu Talib was the head of his tribe and a leader of the city. "What crazy words your nephew is uttering!" "O Abu Talib", they continued, "You have to stop him from saying such things. Otherwise, it is possible that he will be killed."

One of them then put his mouth close to Abu Talib`s ear and quietly said, "What is it Muhammad wants? Does he want a wife, house and a fine life? Whatever he wants we will give him, provided he stops saying these things and stops calling himself the Messenger of God (Rasool Allah)."

They told Abu Talib to speak to Rasool Allah (saw) and then they left. Abu Talib invited his nephew, Rasool Allah (saw), to his house. "Do you know what the leaders of the city came to see me yesterday?" he asked him." What have you been "My dear uncle", said Rasool Allah (saw) who loved his uncle Abu Talib very much.

Allah has selected me to be His Prophet (Rasool). He has given me a message so as to lift the people from degradation. He has given me a message for me to call the people to worship of the One God. Allah has ordered me to prevent the people from idol-worship and oppression.

Abu Talib had been listening to Rasool Allah (saw) well and, at heart, he believed in him. Quietly he said to his nephew, "Do you know what they wanted from me? They wanted me to stop you from speaking like this!"

Never will I disobey Allah`s command", Rasool Allah (saw) told him without hesitation. "I am going to carry it out and will continue to call the people to devotion to the One True God and to Tawhid (monotheism)."

My dear uncle", he continued, "I swear by Allah that if they were to offer me the sun in my right hand and the moon in my left, together with all the wealth and beauty in the world, still I would not turn back from the mission which Allah has entrusted me!"

Abu Talib thought for a moment. "In whatever way Allah has commanded you", he finally said, "Obey Him. I will always support you.

Rasool Allah (saw): Allah will save me

Rasool Allah (saw): Allah will save meOne day Rasool Allah (saw) was on a journey and very tired, so he sat down under a tree to rest. A bad man seeing that Rasool Allah (saw) was alone thought it was a good time to kill him quickly and quietly. He went towards Rasool Allah (saw) with his sword out in front of him.

He asked Rasool Allah (saw): "Tell me who can help you now?"

Allah," answered Rasool Allah (saw) calmly.

When the bad man saw how calm and sure Rasool Allah (saw) was that Allah would help him, he became frightened and the sword fell from his hand.

Rasool Allah (saw) picked up the sword and asked: "Now you tell me who is there to save you?"

No-one" answered the man.

No, you are wrong, the same Allah will help you also," said Rasool Allah (saw) and then he let the man go. When the man heard this he became a Muslim.
Rasool Allah`s (saw) Flight (Hijrah) from Makkah to Medina

Rasool Allah (saw) took advantage of every opportunity to guide the people. On the days when people would come to visit the Holy Kaaba, he would invite the new visitors to Islam.

One day there were a few people from Medina among the visitors who, upon hearing the attractive sayings of Rasoo