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 Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.)

Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.)`s only aim of life was to earn the eternal pleasure of Allah (SWT) in everything that he (A.S.) said and did in this life. In his praise, Holy Quran says.And among men is he who sells his NAFS (self) in exchange for the pleasure of Allah.(2:207) According to Ghazali and all the Shia commentators, this verse was revealed in praise of Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) on the night of Hijrah when he volunteered to sleep in the bed of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw). And in order to achieve this aim, he (A.S.) adopted such strong principles which either strongly attracted people towards him or strongly repelled people against him, as narrated in the following story.

Love of a friend / companion towards Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.)

There was a friend / companion of Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.), a good and believing man, who unfortunately fell into error, and who had to be punished. Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) cut off the fingers of his right hand. The man took hold of his cut hand, with the blood dripping from it, with his left hand and went away. He was then instigated by a seditious Kharijite, who wanted to take advantage of the course of events for his own party and against Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.), so he came up to the companion of Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) with an utter of compassion and said:

Who cut your fingers off?

The Chief of the Prophet`s successors, he said, the leader of the untainted ones at the Resurrection, the most righteous among the believers, Ali ibn Abi Talib, the Imam of Right Guidance, cut of the fingers of my right hand... the first to reach the Gardens of Felicity, the hero of the brave, the avenger against the promoters of ignorance, the giver of zakat (Charity)... the leader on the right and the perfect path, the speaker of what is true and appropriate, the Champion of Makkah, the steadfast exceller.

Poor you! Said the Kharijite, he cut of your fingers, and you extol him thus!

Why should I not extol him, replied the companion, now that his friendship is mixed with my flesh and blood? I swear by God that he did not cut off my fingers except with a right that God has established.

Such was the love, attraction and the affection of the companion for Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.).

Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) said: If I cut a faithful Muslim into pieces to make him hate me, he will not turn into my enemy and if I give all the wealth of this world to a hypocrite to make him my friend he will not befriend me. It is so because the Holy Prophet Muhammad (saw) has said: "O Ali! No faithful Muslim will ever be your enemy and no hypocrite will ever be your friend.


How many of us in this life would resort to Justice even if it was against ourselves? Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) says, One who exhibits fairness on his part, Allah (SWT) shall increase him in glory. (Jame al-Sadaat)

When it came to justice, Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) never bothered about himself. Shu`bi narrates the following incident which occurred during the Khalifah of Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.).

He says, I once entered the vast open ground of Kufa. I witnessed that Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) was standing besides two containers which were filled with gold and silver coins. A huge crowd had gathered around him. Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) had a whip in his hand for preventing the people from hampering the distribution of money. Then Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) began distributing the money until nothing remained for himself and returned home empty-handed.

I returned home and said to my father: "I witnessed a very strange act today but I failed to comprehend if this person`s action was good or bad because he never retained anything for himself". When asked about the person, I said, "Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.)" and told him everything that had transpired. Upon hearing Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.)`s fairness, my father began to cry and said, "My son! You have witnessed the most excellent person from amongst the people.


Aqueel arrived as a guest at the Government House in the days of the Caliphate of his brother, Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.). Hadhrat Ali Murtaza (A.S.) made a sign to his elder son Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (A.S.) to offer a garment to his uncle. Imam Hassan al-Mujtaba (A.S.) presented to him a robe and a cloak. The night came; the weather was warm. They were sitting on roof-top having amiable talks. It was time for dinner. Aqueel considered himself to be the guest of the Absolute ruler of the Muslim world and expected an extraordinarily colorful and rich dinner. But to his surprise it was the most ordinary and simple one. He said: "Is this all the food?"

Hadhrat Ali Murtaza