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 Islamic Month of Safar ul Muzaffar

The advent of Dajjaal will take place. He would roam around the earth except the Harmain Tayyabain (The Holy Places including Mekkah Mu`azzamah and Medeenah Munawwarah) in 40 days. The first day will be equal to one year, the second equal to one month, the third equal to one week and the rest of the days equal to 24 hours. He will travel very fast, just as a cloud blown by the wind. His fitnah (evil) will be devastating. He will have a garden and fire accompany him which he would name "paradise" and "hell". Where ever he goes they will accompany him. However, what appears as paradise would in reality be fire and what appears as hell will in reality be a place of comfort. He would make claims of being god. Those who would believe him, he will put them in his "Paradise". Those who would deny, he would put them in the "hell". He would give "life" to dead bodies. He would order the earth and it will produce greenery. He would make the skies produce rain. In brief, he would demonstrate many such tricks. In reality they would all be nothing but magic and deception of the shiaateen. Therefore as soon as he leaves, nothing will be left with those who believed in him. When he would want to enter the Harmain Shareef, the angels who will be guarding the Harmain Shareef will turn his face around and he will be prevented from entering. Madeenah Munawwarah will experience three quakes and the people there who would apparently be muslims but kuffaar at heart and in the knowledge of Allaah& would be intending to believe in the Dajjaal, would run away from the Holy City in fear, to join him in his fitnah (and by so doing keep this evil away from the Holy City). On the forehead of Dajjaal, will be written (Meaning Kaafir) which would be read by every muslim but would be invisible to the kuffaar. After roaming around the whole world he would reach Syria. It would be dawn at that time. Hadrat `Eesaa& would have descended and appeared at the eastern minaret of Jami`ah Masjid of Damascus. The Iqaamah for the Salaatul Fajr would have already been called out. Hadrat `Eesaa& would command Imaam Mehdee, who would already be present in the Jama`ah to lead the salaat. The Dajjaal will start to melt with the perfume of the breath of Hadrat `Eesaa& (which will spread as far as the eyes could see), just as salt melts in water. The accursed Dajjaal will try to run away, but will be pursued by Hadrat `Eesaa& who will then pierce his back with a spear and send him on his way to the Hell Fire.

The times after the second coming of Hadrat `Eesaa will experience an abundance of wealth to such a degree that if a person would want to give his money to another person, he will refuse to accept it. There will not be any enmity, rancor and jealousy among muslims. He will break the cross and slaughter the pig. All the People of the Book will believe in him. There will be only one Deen, the Deenul Islaam through out the whole world; and only the one Madzhab, that of the Ahli Sunnah wal Jama`ah. Children will play with snakes and tigers and sheep will live in the same pastures. He will live for 40 years, will marry and have children. After death, he will be buried in the Roda Anwar.

The appearance of Imaam Mehdee according to the consensus of `Ulamaa will be at a time when there will be domination of kufr every where. All the Auliaa and Abdaal (Saints) from every where will migrate to the Harmain Shareefain; Islaam will exist only there, the rest of the world will become Kufristaan. It will be the month of Ramadaan ul Mubaarak. The Abdaal will be occupied with the Tawaaf (Circumambulation) of the Holy Ka`bah and Imaam Mehdee will also be there. The Auliaa will recognize him and will request to receive Bai`ah (Commitment of fealty and obedience) at his hand. He will refuse.

Momentarily, a voice will be heard from the ghaib (Unseen) saying: &

Transliteration: Haadzaa khaleefat uLlaahil Mehdiyyu fasma`oo lahoo wa atee`ooh

Translation: This is Khaleefah of Allaah, Mehdee. Listen to him and obey him.

All will then perform Bai`ah at his blessed hands. He will take them along with him to Syria. After the Dajjaal is annihilated, Hadrat `Eesaa will be commanded by Allaah to take the muslims to the Mount Sinaai when some people will be shown who no one will have the strength to fight.