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 Decision Part 2

He shall raise the flame of the lamp which has some spirit, some strength in it only. Now when the Anti-Christ winds have begun to blow so frighteningly, when the advent of the storm has created such an atmosphere of dread, when the Abu Lahab’s of this world have launched an attack upon the followers of Hazrat Mustafa (sallallahu alaihe wasallam), when the designs of the enemies of Islam have become crystal clear to everyone, when all preparations have been made to repeat the story of Kabul and Baghdad in each country, in each city of ours, wishing for the moon, building castles in the air, looking through rose-tinted glasses won’t work. Neither will imaginary planning, tales of our glorious ancestors, raising action-empty slogans, customary protest rallies and processions, spirited speeches, fiery articles, and superstitions beliefs have any effect. Work and only hard work is what is needed. Now if someone wants to keep his eyes and ears closed against the knocking, thundering winds of storm, wants to live in a fool’s paradise, we cannot stop him from doing so. Otherwise the signs of the times are:
Ab hawain hi karein gi raushni ka faislah
Jis diyay mein jaan ho gi woh diya reh jayay ga
The winds only shall now decide the fate of light,
The lamp that has some life shall only keep on burning.

by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Sahib