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 Muslims Today and Muslims in the Past -Part 2

Nazarenes and Jews were so ashamed of their forefathers’ defeats at the hand of Muslims. But how long such stories and narrations would continue to make them feel ashamed? And how long we would have continued to survive on reminding them such events? At last we are exposed. Our enemies have come to know that Muslims are just hollow and they have no strength, no power. The non-Muslims know that the ancestors of Muslims were practical people while Muslims today depend on lip-serving only. Their ancestors were courageous enough who used to attack enemies like dangerous eagle while Muslims today look for the shelters to hide from the enemy. Those were the Muslims who loved martyrdom and preferred death over cowardice while Muslims today love worldly things. Muslims today do not have that courage that used to make the Muslims in the past heavier over hundreds of enemies.

The saying of Hazrat Muhammad (sallallahu `alaihe wasallam) has come true: “The day is not far away when all non-Muslim nations would get united against Muslims and launch strike jointly.” When somebody questioned the Holy Prophet, “Will it happen because Muslims will be less in number against the enemies?” The Holy Prophet replied: “No, you will be more than the enemy but you will be like foam, which has nothing in it and has no power or strength. Allah Almighty, because of your cowardice, would remove your fear from the hearts of non-Muslim powers and would fill your hearts with cowardice.” Another Sahaba questioned, “Ya Rasoolullah: What would be that weakness?” He replied: “Your weakness would be love for the world.”

Today all of us, our borders, our ideologies, our interests, our generations and the entire Muslim world have become the target of enemies of Islam. We are left just one remedy to this situation that we should change our today with our yesterday. Our zeal and courage can change our fate and this way we can protect better our interests, our religious beliefs, our countries and our generations. No other thing can defend us.

by Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani Sahib