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 Water is the First Creation Part-1

Allah created the heavens, the earths, and the mountains.
Allah created the rivers and the seas.
Allah created the sun, the moon, the stars, and the planets.
Allah created the shrubs, the trees, the humans, and the animals.
The first thing Allah created was water. It is above the heavens. Then Allah
created the Grand ^Arsh.
The ^Arsh is a platform with pillars. It is the largest of the bodies that Allah
created, and it is the ceiling of Paradise.
Allah is the Creator of everything.

The First Human Being, Our Master Adam

After Allah had created the heavens, the earths, the angels, the jinn, the trees,
the birds, and the animals, Allah created our master Adam from soil.
Our master Adam was the first human.
Adam was the first of the prophets and messengers.
Allah created Adam without a father or a mother.
Allah created the angels from light. They are the inhabitants of the seven heavens.
Allah created the jinn from fire. The father of the jinn is Iblis.

Allah created Adam in Paradise.
Paradise is above the seven heavens.
Paradise is very big.
Paradise is very beautiful.
Paradise has many trees, rivers, and birds with beautiful sounds. It has all
what one would like.

Paradise and Hell
Allah prepared Paradise for the believers who followed the prophets (may peace
be upon them) and believed them. The pious believers will enter Paradise on
the Day of Judgment without punishment.
Also Allah created Hell for the sinners and the blasphemers who belied the prophets
and did not follow the true Religion. The blasphemers will enter Hell on the
Day of Judgment and they will never go out of it
Adam Lived in Paradise
Adam (may peace be upon him) lived in Paradise 130 years, eating from its fruits;
drinking from its rivers of water, honey, and milk; and living in it enjoyably
without getting sick, tired, or sad.