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  A call for Justice Part-7

Now if we apply the same principle on Mr. Thanvi and other scholars of Deoband, then it transpires that the verdict of infidelity issued against them by the scholars of the 2 holy cities, is also NOT unfounded. They also had solid reasons based on the Shariah for terming them infidels, the details of which you have read in the earlier pages.

If the fame and piety of Maulvi Shibli Nomani and Maulvi Moeenuddin Farahi could not save them from being termed infidels, then has some special revelation descended from the sky which exempts these elders of the Deobandi school from being termed infidels, despite their being guilty of blasphemy and disrespect of the Holy Prophet?

One of the charges leveled against us by the Deobandi scholars is that we have been very biased and fanatical in our views. At this juncture, it will be most appropriate to show them their own face in the mirror, so that they may think before they point a finger at anyone else!

B1) The First Example of Deobandi Extremism.
You have just read in the previous paragraphs the verdict given by Maulvi Ashraf Ali Thanvi which was as follows: - `Maulvi Shibli Nomani and Maulvi Moeenuddin Farahi are infidels - and since the Madrassah (Islah) is the mission of only these two individuals, it follows that the Madrassahe Islah is a teaching place of infidelity and hypocrisy - to the extent that even the scholars who attend its public meetings are also infidels and heretics.`

Now you can decide yourself, can there be fanaticism beyond that?

B2) Second Example of Deobandi Fanaticism.
Maulvi Thanvi is such an extremist in his views that he does not allow his devotees and fans to even read the books of the persons he considers heretics. An extract from the book "Kamalate-Ashrafia" (A collection of Maulvi Thanvi`s sayings etc.,) is as follows: -

"If a person from an astray sect talks about religion, there is always evil hidden in it. Their writings also contain evil hidden within, therefore one should never keep their company and never ever read their books." (Kamalate-Ashrafia - page 55)

Now please be fair with us - if we adopt the same strict attitude towards those whom we consider infidels because of their denial of the necessities of faith and disrespect of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him), we are reproached. Why should we not be allowed the same privilege that the Shariah allows them?

B3) Another Example of Deobandi Extremism
Those who are aware of the history of Nadwah, know that the elders of the Deobandi school were against its very formation. To the extent that when the principle of Nadwah Maulvi Mohammed Ali Mongeree went to invite Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi to attend its yearly conference, he not only declined to accept the invitation, but also refused to meet Maulvi Mongeree. When Maulvi Mongeree insisted that if Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi could not attend the conference, he should allow any of his men to attend on his behalf, Maulvi Gangohi`s reply was: -

"It has been made known to me that it (Nadwah) does not have a good ending. I therefore cannot permit any of my men to attend on my behalf." (Tazkerat-ur-Rasheed Vol 2 page 205).