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  A call for Justice Part-8

"It does not have a good ending" - there cannot be better proof of this ILHAM (revelation) other than the fact that Nadwah is now under the control of the Deobandis!

And the horrible picture of its ending will become clearer if you keep its beginning in sight.

Learned people know that Shibli Nomani occupied an important place amongst the founders of "Nadwah". One of his articles has been published in the sixth volume of "Makalate Shibli". He wrote this article at a time when there was some misunderstanding between him and the principal of Nadwah. Gradually, the differences rose to such an extent that the students went on strike in support of Shibli. The excerpt is as follows: -

"When the crisis was at its peak, the time of Mawlid Shareef arrived and the students wanted to celebrate it according to their yearly routine - but knowing that I (Shibli) would speak on the occasion of Mawlid Shareef, they were prevented from it. At last some people intervened and persuaded him (the principal) that if Mawlid Shareef celebration was not permitted, there will be widespread anger in the city. So under this compulsion, the celebration of Mawlid Shareef was allowed, but under various conditions and restrictions." (Makalate Shibli - Vol 6. Page 131)

But can the Mawlid Shareef celebration be held in the courtyard of Dar-ul-Uloom Nadwah in this age? Is the trend of celebrating Mawlid Shareef still prevalent among the students of Nadwah? No. Because Nadwah has now been usurped by Deobandis.

Just think! That was the beginning and this is the end - and strangely enough, note that the "Ilham" of Maulvi Rasheed Gangohi relates only with its "evil" end - not with the beginning!

B4) Yet Another Example Of Deobandi Fanaticism.
You have read one example of the fanaticism of Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi. Now please read one more example of his extremism and stubbornness.

His hatred for the Saints and their mausoleums had reached to such an extent, that he hated even their Urs. The mausoleum of one of the famous Chishti Saints Hazrat Maulana Abdul Quddoos Gangohi is also in the same Gangoh, which happens to be the native place of Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed. The hatred in his heart for the great saint, and for the celebration of the saints` "Urs" can be gauged from the following extract from the book of Maulvi Zakaria - the Shaykh-ul-Hadith of Saharanpur. He writes in his book "Tareekhe Mashaikhe Chisht" - page 294 (The History of Chishti Shuyukh) as follows: -

"The Urs of Hazrat Maulana Abdul Quddoos Gangohi which Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed was powerless to stop, distressed him so much that it was almost impossible for him to bear it. At first, he used to leave Gangoh and stay in Rampur in those days, but in the last few years of his life he was compelled to bear this anguish and had to spend the time of the Urs in his Khankah (house).During the days of Urs, he also detested his disciples coming to Gangoh to such an extent that he often showed his anger and even avoided speaking to them. One of his Caliphs and disciples, Maulvi Mohammed Saleh Jalandhari set off for Gangoh in order to have the privilege of seeing Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi. Incidentally, the Urs was in full swing. Although Maulvi Mohammed Saleh did not have the faintest idea of the Urs, Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed instead of replying to his greetings, did not even bother to ask him whether he had taken his meal, or even ask him the reason of his arrival."

"Two days passed away in the same stalemate. Seeing Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi`s face turned away from him, and purposely ignoring his presence was unbearable for Maulvi Mohammed Saleh. At last he approached Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed, and with tears in his eyes he asked Maulvi Rasheed as to what had he done, for which he was being punished so severely. As an apology he further said, `Hazrat, Allah knows that from the very beginning, I have no interest in things like Urs. I swear that I have not come to Gangoh for the sake of attending the Urs. I did not know that the Urs was being held in these days.` Imam Rabbani said, `Although your intention was not of attending the Urs, but on the way through which two men were coming to attend the Urs, you were the third!` ".

Readers must now decide with justice - can there be fanaticism more intense than this? His disciple had not come to Gangoh for the sake of attending the Urs, but had come to meet his Shaykh. But as he had made the terrible mistake of coming at the time of Urs, he was punished severely, as if he had committed a heinous crime!

Now the question arises that if Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed had so much hatred for the Urs of Maulana Abdul Quddoos Gangohi, then why did he ever become a disciple in the Chishti Sabri order of saints? And whereas the fact is that in this order, right from Hazrat Khwaja Moeenuddin Chishti, to Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiar Kaki, Baba Fareeduddin Ganj Shakr, Meboob-e-Ilahi Hazrat Nizamuddin Awliya, Hazrat Sabir Pak, Hazrat Chirag Dehli, Hazrat Banda Nawaz Gaysu Daraz, Hazrat Turk Panipati, Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Haq Radolvi, Hazrat Shaykh Abdul Quddoos Gangohi, Hazrat Shaykh Jalaluddin Thanesri, Hazrat Akhi Siraj, Hazrat Alauddin Pindvi and Hazrat Sultan Ashraf Jehangir Samnani - among them there is not a single saint who has not held the Urs of his Shuyukh.

It is quite strange to note that only because of the fact that his disciple had come during the time of Urs, Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi turned his face away from him. Whereas all the Shuyukh of the Chishti order who have kept the tradition of Urs alive, believe him (Shaykh Abdul Quddoos) to be their Dastageer (aide). Now the question which swings like a sword above the head of Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed is - how can someone who (according to the beliefs of Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed) is himself involved in "Moharrimat wa Bidaat" (forbidden acts and innovations), take someone else close to Allah?