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  A call for Justice Part-10

Following are the components of a Mawlid Shareef gathering:
1. Public announcement
2. Carpeting, stage, tent, etc.,
3. Illumination
4. Perfumes and sprinkling of rose water
5. Distribution of sweets
6. Gathering of Muslims
7. Narration of events that took place at the time of birth of the Holy Prophet
8. Remembrance of Allah and His Holy Prophet.
9. Standing and recital of Salaam.

In the above list, except for the standing and recital of Salaam, there is not a single component that is missing in their gatherings for Seerah, sermon, preaching, or for honoring their scholars. Public announcement, stage, illuminations, gathering of people, speeches by one or more speakers - all these are present - so by their own decree, they should also term these as prohibited.

The only remaining issue is that of Standing and reciting Salaam. This too is not the reason of prohibiting Mawlid Shareef - for according to them, the celebration of Mawlid Shareef is prohibited even without this. (According to the explanation of the decree issued by their famous Maulvi, Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi)

And if it is asserted that the reason of prohibition is the narration of incorrect traditions in it, then I would like to remind you that Maulvi Rasheed Ahmed Gangohi prohibited the Mawlid Shareef even if the traditions narrated in it are correct!

In a number of debates I have asked the scholars of the Deobandi school, that when the components of our Mawlid gatherings and that of your various gatherings are one and the same, then why are your gatherings for the purpose of delivering sermons permissible - and at the same time, why are our gatherings for Mawlid impermissible? An act cannot be permitted or prohibited just because the reason of our assembly is Mawlid Shareef and your assembly is for delivering a sermon or for seerah.

When they could not come up with any reply, I said that there is only one reason which comes to my mind - and that is - on the occasion of the birth of the Holy Prophet, when the entire universe was celebrating, only Satan (along with his disciples) was mourning and casting dirt upon his head.

Only Satan the outcast was aggrieved at the birth of the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him). Possibly you too feel hurt and follow Satan`s footsteps, because the event of his noble birth has taken place a long time ago, and now only its memories are left. When you people celebrate the "Diamond Jubilee" of Madressah Deoband, Shariah does not stop you - and when we celebrate Mawlid Shareef, the Deobandi school starts screaming!

Someone has rightly said - that when the heart is envious of someone, it gets enflamed even at the mention of his name!


After going through this article, a question may come to mind - why is it that when there are so many astray sects, that the scholars of Ahle Sunnah seem to come together against only the Deobandi School of thought, and not so much against any other?

Before answering this question, I consider it essential to point out that by Allah`s grace, the scholars of Ahle Sunnah have fought against, and denounced and refuted every stray sect by speech, literature and debate - there is ample proof of this. We have never compromised with anyone in our quest to overcome evil and to protect the true faith. A number of treatises written by Ala Hazrat Imam Ahmed Raza (and other scholars) in denunciation of Shias, Qadianis, and Non-Abiders (Gair Muqallid) have been published in millions and are being published right up to this day. After Ala Hazrat, his caliphs, pupils and disciples performed religious duties through their speeches and writings and the influence of their services has spread all over the world. It would be wrong to assume that we have a soft corner for any deviated sect.

A point that remains to be clarified is - why is the attitude of the Ahle Sunnah scholars, so severe against the Deobandi sect? There are a number of reasons for it - they must be read and understood with a cool mind.

Reason1 - Their Infidelity
The first and foremost reason is the infidelities and blasphemies of the Deobandi scholars - these are actually the fundamental differences - these heretic beliefs are written in their books and are ingrained in the hearts of the Deobandis.

Reason 2 - Difficulty In Identification
As far as actions are concerned, they too call themselves Hanafi, and apparently they offer Salat (prayer) as we do. Their call of Salat, Salat of Eid etc. are the same as ours. In short, there are no outward signs with which the simple Muslims can identify / recognize them. There is every possibility that simple Muslims will misunderstand them. Therefore it was necessary that the beliefs of the Deobandi school be presented clearly to the masses, in order that there is no difficulty in identifying them.
As far as Shias are concerned, their call for prayers, their mode of prayer etc., are vastly different from that of Sunnis - they are easily identifiable. The same is the case of the Non-Abiders (Gair-Muqallid). Their compulsory prayers, Witr prayers, Taraweeh and Eid prayers clearly warn others that they have different beliefs. Therefore the need to warn people of such deviated sects is not as urgent as is the need to educate them about the deviant Deobandis.

Reason 3 - Their Methods Of Corrupting The Faith Of Sunni Masses
They are very good impostors. By entering the ranks of our Sunni masses, and impersonating to be on our side, they bring people close to them through various tricks - and when they deduce that they have been successful in doing so, they inculcate respect and adoration in their hearts for the elders of the Deoband school. Thereafter they change them to such an extent that they begin to abhor all the beliefs and customs, which were dear to them like their faith - and consider them polytheism and heresy! Within a few days, their hearts get sealed with such wretchedness that they are not prepared to listen to any reference either from the Qur`an or Hadith. It should be noted very clearly that I am not writing this from imagination. Rather these are our daily observations.

In such circumstances, there is no other way left to save the simple masses from going astray from the Straight Path followed by the Holy Prophet (peace and blessings upon him) and the saints, but to educate them about the filthy beliefs of the Deobandi sect, and their deceits and fraud.