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 Islam`s First Eid - Eid Milad-un-Nabi Part-3

ALLAH is the Creator, Cherisher and Nourisher of the holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (Sallal Laahu Alaihi wa Sallam) and sends peace and salutations to him.

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH and by the benedictions of the blessed sandal
(Na`ll-e-Paak) of the mercy unto the worlds, the intercessor on the Day of Judgement, Saiyyidina Muhammad, ALLAH`s last Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi wa Sallam), this humble servant of the Ahle Sunnat keeps himself all the time busy in propagating and publicising the Faith.

For this purpose, I undertook a tour, for the third time, of South Africa, and other African countries. On December 16, 1989, while at Lenasia, in Transvaal province (South Africa), some friends brought to me a poster entitled

"Islam`s Third Eid: Call of Madina"

published by "Honey Dew", P.O. Box 2797

But the name of the writer or the publisher was not given. (Writers of such posters normally do not give their own names or that of the publishers. Because they are not sure of the veracity of their writings and, also, for fear of a thorough exposure of their ignorance through the efforts of the right guided Ulama (scholars) and, thus, invite utter ridicule upon themselves).

Evidently, the poster had been written by the Isma`ieli Deobandi-Wahaabi-Tablighi elements,*

* Prophase the Deobandi-Wahaabi-Tablighi group of propagandists would feel disturbed by the addition of the epithet "Isma`ieli" to this group. So, I will explain the reason for doing so. The foundations of the Deobandi-Wahaabi-Tablighi creed was first laid by books written by Ismaiel Dehlvi Phulti Balakoti, and praised by Rasheed Ahmad Gangohi, as I have quoted in my book "White and Black". Since the author of the book "Johannesburg to Bareilly" describes the Ahle Sunnat Wa Jama`at `at as "Raze Khanis" he should have the courage to bear being labelled as "Isma`ieli" because of his allegiance to Ismaiel Dehlvi.

Giving vent to their ignorance and evil intentions. These Isma`ieli-Deobandi-Wahaabi propagandists have no touch with truth or reality, therefore nothing good can be expected of them. They use their tongue or their pen for accentuating those deficiencies and evils that are distancing Muslim society from the spirituality of Islaam. These people spend their entire energy on how best to put an end to unbounded love for the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi wa Sallam), and, in this, they are greatly aided and abetted by the anti Islam forces. Therefore, these agents of the exploitative forces, and rejecters of help and guidance provided by Prophets and "friends" of ALLAH, put all their resources into their nefarious designs. Let us pray to Almighty ALLAH that by His grace He may protect us from the fiendish designs of the wicked people belonging to the Isma`ieli-Deobandi-Wahaabi-Tablighi group and may He grant us the ability to remain steadfast in our religion of truth! Aameen.

My present tour, which is my third, of South Africa, Swaziland, Botswana and Babutoswana has been so arranged by my friends that I am being kept busy round the clock. This poster by "Honey Dew" contained no valid criticism and had nothing to add to our knowledge, but my friends insisted that it was most necessary to keep my Sunni brethren fully informed of the reality. And, so, even during the course of my tour, I found time, albeit in bits, to be able to present an honest answer to things contained in the poster. I am, therefore, quoting extensively from Janab Ashraf Ali Thanvi and other Ulama of Deoband to fully bring out the tenets of the entire ideological formulations of Isma`ieli-Deobandi Wahaabi Tablighi group. Here, I must clarify that this humble servant of Ahle Sunnat has already written three books in English. And has not reserved the right of authorship or of publishing in my own favour but has given a free hand in the matter to all those interested in informing the peoples of Africa and Europe.

The first book in this regard is called Deoband to Bareilly (The Truth)", in which I have explained the divergence between Deobandi and Sunni schools of thought, why is it so, and how can it be removed. It is but necessary for every Musalmaan to read this book, so that the divergence between the Deobandi Wahaabis and the Sunnis is fully grasped by all.

My second book is called "Azaan and Durood Shareef ` (Call to prayer and salutations to the holy Prophet, Sallal Laahu `Alaihi Wa Sallam). This is a rejoinder to a "Fatwa" against me published in South Africa, which proves to the hilt, through the writings of the Isma`ieli-Deobandi-Wahaabi Tablighi Ulama, that it is no innovation to recite salutations to the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi wa Sallam) before and after Azaan.

My third book "White and Black" or (Facts of Deobandism), is, infect, a rejoinder to the book "Johannesburg to Bareilly" published from South Africa and is a truly important book. It is a treasure trove for those interested in really understanding what the difference between Deobandi Wahaabis and Sunnis is all about.

Two other books by this servant of Ahle Sunnat are under print and will be reaching your hands soon. One relates to the question of Imamat and the other deals with the problems and realities of bid`at (innovation)*. This writer has penned other books as well.

* A discussion of Bid`at can be seen in my book "White and Black` (Facts of Deobandism) as well. Kaukab Noorani Okarvi

In my book, "White and Black", this servant of Ahle Sunnat had already advised all Isma`ieli-Deobandi-Wahaabi propagandists. Against indulging in criticism of, and issuing Fataawa against, the right guided Ahle Sunnat Wa Jama`at before knowing the standpoint on such matters of their own big wigs, intense love and reverence for whom has earned them the nickname of "Mullaa Worshippers".

The Isma`ieli-Deobandi-Wahaabi propagandists should study with great diligence books written by their own "big-wigs" so that they know that the criticisms and "Fataawa". They hurl against us, Sunnis, fits, in the first instance, their own "big wigs" and thus they not only bring calumny upon themselves but involve their own "big-wigs", and by their poisoned pen confirm that their own "big-wigs" were idolaters and associates and innovators. May ALLAH protect us from their wickedness!

The poster published by "Honey Dew" levels two wholly erroneous criticism about the Qur`aanic words "Days of ALLAH". The first criticism concerns a Sunni preacher`s translation of the words:
"Wa Zakkir hum Bi Aiy-yaamil Laah" (in Soorah Ibraheem, verses number 5, part 13)
He had translated the words as "And teach them to remember the Days of ALLAH" while the Qur`aan does not contain the words "And teach them". Therefore, according to the "Honey Dew" propagandists, these words constitute an addition to the Qur`aanic text and, thus, change the religion. It is a fact, though, that Janab Abdullah Yusuf Ali the renowned translator and commentator of the Qur`aan, has also used the same words. Would the "Honey Dew" critic describe Janab Abdullah Yusuf Ali also as a heretic?