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White and Black

Facts of Deobandi-ism

A rejoinder to a series of booklets entitled "Johannesburg to Brailley"
By Allamah Kaukab Noorani Okarvi
Translated by S.G. Khawajah

Published by Maulana Okarvi Academy Al A`lami,
First edition 1991 - South Africa
Note:The Urdu edition is available from: Zia-ul-Qur`aan Publications, Daata Ganj Bakhsh Road, Lahore, Pakistan.

Book available at these addresses:
(1) P.O. Box 340, Durban, 4000 Natal
(2) P. O. B ox 42, Standerton, 2430 Tvl
(3) P.O. Box 91, Piet Retief, 2380 Tvl
(4) P.O. Box 12, Grassy Park, 7888 Cape Town

Readers are requested to please let us know about any spelling mistakes or any incorrectly translated words, which they may find in the book.

Further it is notified for the information of all those who may wish to publish this book that they are free to do so, provided no changes are allowed to creep in the book. Two copies of any such publication may please be forwarded to us for our records.

Ilmay Keh Rah Bahaq Na Numaa yad Jihaalatast.

(Knowledge that does not lead to the straight path is crass ignorance)
Sheikh Sa`di
( May Allah have mercy on him )

Adab Peruaya-`e-Naduan-o-Danuast
Khush Aaan Ko Az Adab Khud Ra Beynaarast
Nadaaram Aaan Musalmaan Zaadah Ra Dost
Keh Dar Daaish Fuzood-o-Az Adab Kaast

Observing proper etiquette devolves on all, the ignorant as well as the knowing. But truly blessed are those who are saturated with a sense of proper etiquette. I do not hold as friends those born to Muslim parents who are adequate in intellect but remiss in observing proper etiquette.

Allamah Iqbaal
(May Allah have mercy on him)

Banda`e Parwur Digaaram Ummat-e-Ahmad Nabi Dost Daaram Chaar Yaar-o-Taabe` Aulaad-e Ali Mazhabe Hanfiyyah Daaram Millate Hazrat Khaleel Khaak Paa`e Ghaus-e-A`zam Zer-e-Saayah Har Wali

A slave of Rubb of all the worlds and a follower (Ummati) of Prophet Muhammad
(Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam)
am I.

To all four Friends *
I give allegiance and an subservient to Ali`s` progeny **

Hanafi is my creed. and I belong to Hazrat Ibraaheem Khaleel ul Laah`s Millat

Dust from under the feet of Ghaus-e-Azam.

I am a devotee of all (Auliyaa) the friends of Allah.

* Hazrat Abu Bakr, Hazrat Umar, Hazrat Usmaan, Hazrat Ali (Radiyallahu Anhum)

* Hazrat Imam Hasan, Imam Husain (Radiyallahu Anhuma)

Shabhaaz-e-La Makaani,,
Hazrat Abu Muhammad Muhiyiud-deen
Sheikh Saiyid Abdul Qaadir
Hasani Husaini Jeelaani,
( Radiyal Laahu Anhu Wa Ardaahu Ahha )

Ae Khuda Taufeeq-e-lmaani Budeh Jaan-o-Dil Ra Bood Irfaani Budeh len ghulaam-e-Qaudiree Ra Az Kararn Daaman-e-Mabboob-e-Subhauni Budeh.

O Allah! Grant me Divine guidance!
Grant to my heart and my soul knowledge that comes out of faith!
Grant out of Your mercy to this slave of Qaadiree
The ability to be a disciple of Mahboob-e-Subhaani.