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 White and Black Prt-4

I had promised my friends in South Africa that I would give a fitting reply to these booklets. By the grace of Almighty Allah and the kindness of His venerated Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam), I have succeeded in getting published the first part of a rejoinder to these booklets.

It has been my constant endeavour to let the authors of "Johannesburg to Bareilly" and the adherents of Deobandi-ism see their faces in the mirror of their own writings. Readers will notice that answers to all the accusations have, in most part, been given through the writings of the ulama of Deoband.

During my second visit to South Africa, I had, by way of clinching the issue, personally gone to "Mia`s Farm", the largest centre of the Deobandi Wahaabi propagandists, and submitted to them that this humble person was prepared to substantiate the beliefs and actions of the Ahle-Sunnat-Wa-Jama`at, which have prompted the Deobandi-Wahaabis to accuse them of being "associators" and "innovators", through books written by the ulama of Deoband and present in my library.

It must be explained that this humble self advocates neither disruption nor disunity. I am forever prepared to lay down my life for the sake of the solidarity of the Islamic world. But solidarity does not mean silence by way of appeasement and hypocrisy. When attitudes opposed to us are being given vent to with abandon, when facts are being distorted, when efforts are going on to mislead the people and the very foundations of the faith are under heavy attack, then I hold that in times like this silence is sin, even worse than sin. Only politicians indulge in such behaviour and it behaves them only. If there is a conspiracy, it is a duty incumbent upon me to uncover such conspiracy.

The purpose of giving references from the writings of the ulama of Deoband is to make it abundantly clear through "White and Black" to all those seeking reality as to how much those making false accusations against us are themselves involved in acts of similar nature and how much at odds are their sayings and actions. The present book is not a detailed answer to things mentioned in the booklets "Johannesburg to Bareilly", line by line and word for word. But this humble self has, by the grace of Allah, encompassed replies to all the accusations as a whole.

It is a matter of honour and dignity of our holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam). It is our faith that he excels all the worlds, all the creations. Love of him brings everlasting life to us. We are prepared to sacrifice our lives for the sake of his honour and dignity. In our view, to speak before him in a loud voice is the height of irreverence and to us uncovering their foul deeds and breaking their heads is of the essence of a holy war.

It is hoped that, by the grace of Almighty Allah, my efforts will provide food for thought to the advocates of Deobandi-ism and, also, be of help to the Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wa-Jama`at in remaining steadfast on the right beliefs and right acts in accordance with the dictates of the Qur`aan and the Sunnat.

Readers are requested to please pray for me so that the Merciful Allah may accept my humble efforts towards propagation and publicising the Deen of His beloved, the holy Prophet (Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam), and that He may grant me beneficial knowledge and open up my heart so that I may be able to take a stand in defence of the dignity and honour of my master, and that He may grant me success in my efforts to expose and combat falsehood. A`meen.

Kaukab Noorani Okarvi
(Ghufira Lahu)
Al Laahu Rabbu Muhammadin Sallal Alaihi Wasallama

This servant of the Ahl-e-Sunnat-Wa-Jama`at has already presented to his readers a brief booklet entitled "From Deoband to Bareilly: the truth". Among the contents of the booklet was an account of the true import of the basic difference between the Sunni (Bareilvi) and the Deobandi Wahaabis, and, also, of a possible end to all the differences between the two.

To say to every thing `I will not accept it` is an incurable disease All the same, every wise, realistic and just person would have, through the booklet, become fully aware of the truth and also that whatever differences that exist between the two groups are total and principled. By the grace of Allah this booklet by this humble person became popular and, because of it, thousands of people got the opportunity to correct their beliefs and to be steadfast on the truth. This did not happen because of the effectiveness of the words I used or the way I presented them. All this happened because of the power of truth and the grace of the holy Prophet
(Sallal Laahu Alaihi Wasallam).