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 Who is Valentine`s Day for?

People naturally like occasions of happiness and pleasure, whether private or public, including eids (feasts or days of celebration). For the sake of this inclination, the Shari`a came with the legitimacy of the Fitr and Adha Eids: Two valid eids in the year, and Allah has legislated in them (reasonable) spending and the showing of happiness which people need, in addition to a weekly eid which is Friday. And this is part of the mercy of Allah upon this nation of Mohammad (peace be upon him).
If we look at the celebrations that other nations have, we will find that they have quite a number of them: one for each national occasion and season, Mother’s Day, Labor Day, a day for agriculture and so on, to the extent that there is barely a month without a specific eid.& All this is from their innovation.

Allah the Exalted has said (interpretation of the meaning)
{But the monasticism which they invented for themselves We did not prescribe for them} (Al-Hadid 57:27) and for this reason the dates of the occasions have changed through the years according to political and social desires, and they are accompanied with more rituals, habits and types of amusement than can be listed, according to the details in specialized books.

Among the strange eids in the world today are those of the pagans and the People of the Book (Jews and Christians), connected to their gods, rabbis and monks, such as the days of St. Michael, St. Andrew, St. Valentine, etc.& These eids are accompanied with several acts including decorating homes, lighting candles, going to the church, buying certain types of candy, specific songs and so on.

After that it has become the habit of non-Muslim nations to celebrate birthdays in which people invite their friends, prepare special food, light candles according to the age of the person etc.. and some Muslims have imitated them in this innovation!
After this introduction to the eids of the nations, it is worth mentioning that a Muslim should be confident that the most complete guidance and the best legislation is that which the Seal of the Prophets and Messengers (peace be upon him) came with.

Allah the Exalted has said (interpretation of the meaning)
{This day have I perfected your religion for you, completed my favor upon you and have chosen for you Islam as your religion} (Al-Maida 5:3).

All the eids that the other nations have are innovation and misguidance, in addition to their disbelief in Allah. Allah the Exalted has said (interpretation of the meaning)
{If anyone desires a religion other than Islam never will it be accepted of him; and in the Hereafter he will be in the ranks of those who have lost (all spiritual good) } (Al-Imran 3:8

Some of the things observed by disbelievers during Valentine`s Day include their clothes, gifts, greeting cards, red roses (they use red as a symbol for a certain obscene behavior).& They also celebrate by writing phrases of love and passion on the cards that are exchanged between young men and women, purchasing red teddy bears with hearts and words of love on them which are sold at high prices as presents that symbolize love!

One of the things that has increased the spreading of these issues in some Muslim countries is what many forms of media (whether read or viewed) - and particularly satellite channels - do by advertising this behavior using various methods, to the extent that the matter is no longer evident to simple people who do not have sufficient educational sense to protect them from these twisted behaviors, and particularly male and female students in public and higher education.

According to what has been presented, we would like to confront our brothers and sisters - fellow Muslims - who participate in any of the types of celebrations mentioned, and we say:
Today those of you who celebrate Valentine`s Day and similar do this for something within yourselves. But I think that with your instinct of the oneness of Allah, that if you knew the religious background of this celebration and what it bears of symbols of innovation, paganism, and demonstrating that there are other gods than Allah - may Allah be exalted from that - you would realize how grave your mistake is and the awfulness of the direction you have taken and how you have been effected.

We also greatly admonish those Muslims who sell symbols of disbelievers` celebrations, whether by importing or producing them.& For example, those who sell and provide flowers specifically on that day, and owners of stores that sell toys and wrap gifts.& These people are helping in the celebration of disbelievers` eids, and undoubtedly they are cooperating in vice and aggression and participating in the spreading of the beliefs of the disbelievers.& However, may Allah be praised, they have a lot of other things to sell that are not used in the celebration of the disbelievers` eids.& & So it is forbidden to perform any `eid rituals` on this day - whether food, drinks, clothes, gifts, etc.
A Muslim should be proud of his/her religion, and should not by an imitator who follows every caller.
I ask Allah to protect Muslims from all temptations, both visible or hidden." [End of the shaikh`s fatwa]
Thus it is evident "who Valentine`s Day is for", as this day is not of the practices of Islam nor its guidance, but rather the result of the social and educational pitfalls of the disbelievers.& Any Muslim who participates in celebrating this day does so because of whims within him/herself and because of personal defeat, inadequate educational sense, and weakness of Islamic protection in those whose own selves deceived them into imitating disbelievers and mimicking them in their unworthiness and misguidance.
May peace be upon our prophet Mohammad and his family and companions.(By Khaled ibn Abdul-Rahman Al-Shayi`)