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 How to destroy your child`s mind

All the love, nurturing and time spent on molding a child to be confident and creative. The first years of life are so important to develop the necessary qualities for success in later life. Knowing this mothers, concentrate on these early years , only in the end, to send to them to school...

What took years in the making, takes a short time to undo. Children bounce off to school happily, eager to learn, interested in life, and wanting to do their best. After some time Mothers see a change in their children. They sigh in quiet resignation, a feeling of heaviness and innate tiredness.

The Rote system of education remains in practice in many countries throughout the world. The affect of this is widely felt. Children learn to hate learning, they develop some kind of allergy to books. Often when the school year is over they carry out a ceremonial burning of their books. And spend the next three months of the summer doing absolutely as little as possible.

They learn by way of drills and repetition. Composition is learned by memorizing a paragraph which the teacher has written on the board. In later years teachers start to complain that the children lack creativity and insight. Then the young ones are blamed for their inability to synthesize information, which only adds to their low self-esteem, for they have not been given to chance to see what they can really do on their own.

The by-product of this system is adults who often find it difficult to understand cause and affect , to think openly and rationally. If some new information is not put in front of them, explaining every detail, chances are they won`t be able to fill in the missing parts.

This system robs humanity of some of its greatest wealth. Human intellect and the ability to discover new information and put this information into a meaningful context. It`s important to note that some of the best doctors and scientists in the world came from the `Rote system`, but they are the exception more than the rule. They succeeded in spite of their education, not because of it.

Broadly speaking it is a system of education that churns out engineers, teachers, doctors and so on, but who remain to some extent ignorant because they accept information as it is presented on the TV, or general media outlets. They are easy prey for governments wishing to brain - wash their population and retain their power. People who have been trained only to look at the surface of knowledge, not underlying causes and hidden agendas.

Little children who spend a whole day in repetition and writing, come home with more written and repetitive homework. It takes a committed effort on the part of parents to provide creative and stimulating outlets for their children to beat the system.

Written By: (Velma Cook)