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 Are You Prepared for Death?2

E) Each person will be held accountable for what he/she has done.
Note: Quran says:& 7-8]
Transliteration: Faman Ya`mal Mithqala Dharratin Khayraan Yarahu, Wa Man Ya`mal Mithqala Dharratin Sharraan Yarahu
Translation: "Every person will see any good they have done, even an atom`s weight. Every person will see any evil they have done, even an atom`s weight" [Al-Zalzalah: 7-8].

F) None will take away the sins or punishment for another.
Note: Quran says:
Transliteration: La Yukallifu Allahu Nafsaan `Illa Wus`aha
Translation: "Allah does not burden a person beyond his ability. He will be rewarded for that which he has earned, and punished for that which he has earned" [Al-Baqarah: 286].

G) None will make intercession with the Almighty except as He Wills.
Note: Quran sa
Transliteration: Man Dha Al-Ladhi Yashfa`u `Indahu `Illa Bi`idhnihi
Translation: "Who is there that could come between Allah and what He has created except that He give them permission?" [Al-Baqarah: 255].

H) The final destination of Heaven or Hell will be made known then.
Note: Quran says:
Transliteration: Latarawunna Al-Jahima
Translation: "Verily, You shall see the blazing Fire (Hell)" [At-Takathur: 6].

I) None will enter the Paradise except by the Mercy of Allah.
Note: Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: «None shall enter the Jennah (Paradise) except with the Mercy of Allah» When asked by his companions: “Even you? O, prophet of Allah?” And He replied: «Even me»

J) None will enter the Fire except those who have earned it.
Note: Quran says:
Transliteration: Fa`andhartukum Naraan Talažžá, La Yaslaha `Illa Al-`Ashqá
Translation: "Therefore, I have warned you of a blazing Fire (Hell). None shall enter it except the most wrected." [Al-layl: 14-15].

Death is like a journey to a land from which there is no return. So before you die, be sure to pack three things to take along with you on the journey:
Proper identification (I.D.) [Book of Record of a Person`s Life]
This covers two very important categories:
Faith (belief)
Actions (deeds)
They must both be correct to insure an easy transition into the Next Life and a proper place in the Paradise in the Hereafter.

Enough nourishment to last for Eternity

Sufficient garments or coverings

Let us begin with the Covenant of faith with the ONE TRUE GOD Acts of worship to Him Alone without partners. This means anyone who comes to the understanding: "There is only One True God who is the only Creator, Sustainer and God of all that exists."
This can be understood as “Oneness of Monotheism”
It might be better understood by breaking it down into the following three categories:
1) “Oneness” of Lordship

2) “Oneness” of Worship

3) “Oneness” of Characteristics