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 Are You Prepared for Death?3
Only Acceptable Answer
1. Who is your Lord? [God Almighty]

2. What is your religion? [Submission to His Will]

3. Do you confirm His prophets? [Yes] From Adam, Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Jesus Mohamed

Immediately you will find those who will argue that this is not fair. After all, Muhammad, peace be upon him, was sent by Allah with the message of Islam only 1,400 years ago. So, what about all those who lived before him? And what of those who came afterwards and never heard of Allah, Islam and Muhammad, peace be upon him?

And the answer is quite simple. Islam is the only true religion brought by all of the prophets of Almighty God [Allah]. They all preached a message of total surrender to the One and Only True God of the Universe. If the person lived the life of "Surrender, Submission and Obedience to the Almighty, in Sincerity and Peace"; then they in fact, lived as a true Muslim without ever knowing the Arabic terms.
This means that all of the followers of all of the prophets of Almighty God from Adam to Moses to Jesus and Muhammad, peace be upon them all, will find that they will be supplied the correct answers to these questions when asked.

After the angel of death removes the soul from the body, the angels will carry the soul of the one who has died up to the heavens and when they come to Allah the Most High, He will reject any who are not in possession of the correct answers [mentioned above]. After the questioning the person will be then reunited with his or her own dead body and spend the remainder of time waiting for the Day of Judgment.

2) Nourishment: [Proper Deeds]
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, taught his followers:
"He is not a believer who goes to sleep at night with a full stomach while his neighbor`s remains empty."
Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said:

Charity is a necessity for every Muslim
He was asked: "What if a person has nothing?"
The Prophet replied: «He should work with his own hands for his benefit and then give something out of such earnings in charity»
The Companions of the Prophet asked: "What if he is not able to work?"
The Prophet said: «He should help the poor and needy»
The Companions further asked: "What if he cannot do even that?"
The Prophet said: «He should urge others to do good»
The Companions said: "What if he lacks that also?"
The Prophet said: «He should check himself from doing evil. That is also an act of charity»

Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said: «Your body has 360 joins and each of them requires an act of charity every day» And, «Even meeting your brother with a cheerful face is an act of charity».

Acts of charity and kindness only for the sake of the Almighty. These good deeds will accompany the person throughout his or her life in the grave until the Day of Judgment. On the Day of Judgment they will all see their deeds clearly.

There are two angels who record all the actions and deeds of the individual from birth until death. The angel on the right records all of the good deeds while the angel on the left records all of the bad ones.
As soon as the person intends to do a good thing, a good deed is recorded for him/her.
After doing the good deed, ten full good deeds are recorded for the person (or 70 or 700 or as much as Allah Wills).
If a person encourages others to do a good deed, then a matching reward is recorded for the one