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 The Road to Victory

& In the name of Allah we begin, in His book we seek guidance, and on the footsteps of His Prophet we follow.

The nation of Islam is the best Ummah evolved for mankind because of what Allah had favored it with:

“You are the best of peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong, and believing in Allah.” (3:110)

All of us might wonder, how can this nation be resurrected, what is the way to do it, and where does the road to victory begin?

Well, the answer is very clear and expected.

The Prophet peace be upon him said in his hadith that this Ummah will be separated into 73 groups; all of them will be in the hellfire, except for one. This one is “the group” (al Jamaah) who follow his example and his companions’.

My beloved in Allah, this nation is going to be resurrected by following the same principles upon which it was first created and established.

Let’s display the factors that lead to the victory of those of the older times because they, with Allah’s help and guidance, will be the same factors that will lead to victory of those of the later times.

I have put together these elements from the good book “The Sealed Nectar” by Saffie Alrahman Almubarakpuri and added some conditions that would suit our present times. So Allah help me.

1. The first element: Having faith in Allah (Iman billah)

Our faith has to be only in Allah. We should know Him truly, worship nothing and nobody but Him. Allah is the creator; the Provider, and the Judge for everything. There is no creator but Him, no provider but Him. No decision can be made in the matters of the living except through His judgment.

Allah made us and He is the one who knows what is best for our sustenance and protection. Unfortunately, some seek protection and sustenance from others than Allah. Others make themselves equal to Him, trying to set up rules for people to follow, according to their likings and not according to His guidance. Our faith is not complete until we abandon worshipping, following, or seeking protection from anybody but Him alone, the most Exalted.

The faith of the companions was pure and clean from any filth of paganism. With this deeply rooted faith they stood, heads high, and raised themselves above the lies, annoyance, hardship, and stupidity of vanity. Nations can live and rule only by the truth and upon the principles of justice. No socialism, Buddhism, Christianity, Jewish Zionism, Imperialism or anything else can be more truthful or more just than Allah’s religion and His guidance.

Take the example of the very well known Bilal, the Prophet’s mu’azzen (the person who calls for the prayer). Bilal had been tortured by burdening his chest with the heaviest rocks while lying on the burning sands of Mecca, because the pagans of Quraish wanted him to revert to their idolatrous worship. With all the power in his soul he endured the torture and kept saying Ahadun Ahad (the One, the One). His body became so cheap because he knew the fact that the reward comes from the same substance of the deed.

“And those who strive in Our cause, We will certainly guide them to our Path.” (29:69)

That’s how Bilal, the slave from Habasha (Ethiopia) became the infamous Bilal known to all Muslims all over the world.

Another example is Yasser and his pure wife Sumaya, the mother of Ammar who endured the torture of the pagans and were killed only because they believed in one thing, that Allah is the only God worthy to be worshiped.

The hearts of the companions were full of faith and their religion ran in their veins like blood. When the beauty of faith mixes in the hearts, it outweighs the mountains.

This kind of a believer will be able to face any test, however huge or hard. He will see it very small next to his faith. Hardships will become nothing to him, because the sweetness of faith is all that he can taste. Hardships and torture would be like some floating froth above the huge flood of faith coming to break the high dams of ignorance and paganism.

“For the scum disappears like froth cast out; while that which is for the good of mankind remains on the earth.” (13:17)

So, worshipping Allah alone and following His guidance is the first step to make all the factors to achieve victory will arise from within.

2. The second element: The beloved leadership of the Messenger of Allah (Peace be Upon Him).

The Messenger peace be upon him is the commander in chief for the Islamic Ummah and for all humanity. Humanity will never be happy until this divine leadership takes over and rule again. It is true that the Prophet peace be upon him had left this world, but his legacy and example will live forever. The Prophet peace be upon him had pointed out that the heirs of the Islamic leadership are those who have the knowledge of Islam. In Sahih Ibn Majah, the Prophet peace be upon him said, “The scholars are the inheritors of the Prophets. The Prophet`s don`t leave money, but rather they leave knowledge. Whoever takes it after them such then take as much as they can."

Islamic scholars of high knowledge should represent the Prophet in their people, they say what the Prophet had said and do as he did. That is why there is no refuge for the Ummah in times of hardship except with those who Allah had appointed to hold the flag of the Prophet peace be upon him.

The Prophet peace be upon him had all the noble characteristics that would attract the hearts to him. He portrayed the highest degrees of honor, goodness, kindness and bounty. He was the honesty and truthfulness in every way that even his enemies never doubted him, although they did not believe in his message. We bring some examples for this:

- Abu Jahl, the Prophet’s uncle used to say, “Muhammad, we don’t say that you are a liar but we do not believe in what you brought to us”. In that Allah sent down “It is not you who they reject: it is the signs of Allah, which the wicked contemn” (6:33)

- Three from the tribe of Quraish (the Prophet’s tribe) gathered after listening to the Quran separately. Abu Jahl, who was one of them, was asked about his opinion in what he heard from Muhammad. He said, “It does not matter what he says, we are continuously competing with Banu Abd Manaf (the Prophet’s clan) for honor; they feed the poor, we feed the poor, they give charity, we give charity. Now that we’re almost equal like two horses in a race, they say they have a Prophet sent by God. How can we compete with that, by God we will never believe in what he brought”.

- A bunch of the disbelievers were winking and making fun of the Prophet peace be upon him. Finally he said, “People of Quraish, I brought slaughter to you”. The whole group was taken back and scared by these words. Afterwards the Prophet’s worst enemies became softer on him.

- The disbelievers poured down blood and intestine of a dead camel on the Prophet peace be upon him while he was in sujud. When he supplicated against them they all stopped laughing, and became full of concern and worries because they knew they were ruined.

- Once the Prophet supplicated against Utbah bin Abu Lahab after being excessively harassed by him. The Prophet peace be upon him asked Allah to send one of his dogs to kill Utbah. When a lion in the middle of the desert killed Utbah, he knew for sure that that was the Prophet’s supplication coming true. His final words were “Muhammad killed me while in Mecca”.

- Ubay bin Khalaf always threatened to kill the Prophet, so one day the Prophet told him “I will kill you insha’Allah”. Ubay was lightly scratched in the neck at the battle of Uhud and while dying he said Muhammad could have killed me by just spitting on me.