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 Shopping for Islamic Clothing

Both Muslim men and women are required to observe modest behavior (haya) and modest Islamic clothing known as hijab. Although larger Muslim communities in the West may have local Islamic clothing stores, many Muslims turn to online shopping to buy traditional dress such as abayas, jilbabs, caftans, dishdashes and headscarves, as well as other Muslim clothes for men, women and children.

Some websites also offer modest Western women`s fashions including long skirts, long tops, long jackets and wide-legged pants. Many offer international and express shipping.

Where to Buy Hijabs and Niqabs

Although the word hijab applies to a Muslim`s full modest dress, hijab more commonly refers to women`s head covers such as headscarves, khimars and shaylas. The following online Islamic clothing stores specialize in hijabs. Some also sell niqabs (women`s face veils) and accessories.

1-Hijab Girl (HijabGirl.com) - Hijab Girl guarantees the lowest price in the U.S. on hijabs in a wide array of styles and colors. Niqabs, khimars, sleeve guards, pins, prayer outfits, and more are also available.

2-Al Hijab World (AlHijabWorld.com) - This UK-based site ships worldwide and has an impressive collection of hijabs organized by style, fabric and pattern. A section of the site is devoted to tips on selecting, wearing and caring for hijabs.

3-The Hijab Store Online (HijabStoreOnline.com) - Also based in the UK, this online store offers square Turkish scarves, pashminas, Amira hijabs, Kuwaiti hijabs, girls` hijabs, and accessories such as bonnets, underscarves and gloves.

4-Trendy Hijab (TrendyHijab.com) - As the name implies, this U.S. site caters to shoppers interested in colorful hijabs, some with print motifs and bold designs. Plainer hijabs are also available.

Where to Buy Islamic Clothing for Women, Men and Children

Headscarves are just one aspect of Islamic dress. Check out at the following sites when looking for hijabs and other Islamic clothes such as abayas and jilbabs, traditional caftans, modest Western fashions, or Muslim men`s clothing such as thobes and Islamic head coverings.

1-The Canadian Muslim (TheCanadianMuslim.ca) - This one-stop shop for Muslim women sells hijabs, niqabs, and modern and traditional Islamic fashions including modest swimwear. The company ships worldwide.

2-Jelbab.com (Jelbab.com) - A wide selection of clothing for Muslim women is available at Jelbab.com, including jilbabs, abayas, hijabs, and Islamic swimwear. A few items are also available for girls.The site offers custom alterations and ships worldwide from Jordan.

3-Hijaby Online (HijabyOnline.com) - Also shipping out of Jordan, Hijaby Online specializes in Islamic attire for women. Shoppers will find jilbabs, abayas, suits, thoubs, dishdashes, hijabs, niqabs, accessories, prayer outfits and more.

4-The Hijab Shop (TheHijabShop.com) - A full range of Muslim women`s attire is available on this UK-based site. Hijabs, jilbabs, sports jilbabs, long tops, work jilbabs and more can be found.

5-Hilal Plaza (HilalPlaza.com) - Traditional Islamic clothing for the whole family can be purchased at Hilal Plaza. The company also sells many other Islamic items. Shipping is from within the U.S.

6-Desert Boutique (DesertBoutique.com) - Located in Kuwait, Desert Boutique sells a vast array of items of interest to Muslims. Traditional Muslim clothing for men, women and children is just part of the mix.

7-Desert Store (DesertStore.com) - This is a well-established online business which ships Islamic fashions from Saudi Arabia. In addition to clothing for the whole family, Desert Store also sells Islamic books, DVDs, CDs, and other items.

8-Islam Orient (IslamOrient.com) - Owned by a Chinese family that reverted to Islam, this site specializes in Islamic clothing influenced by Oriental design. Muslim fashions are available for men, women and children. Other Islamic items also available.