Contents of Halal And Haram
1. Abstaining from Drinking Parties
2. Advance Payment
3. Alcoholic Drinks
4. Animal Sacrifice by the people of the Book (Jews and Christian)
5. Animals Dedicated to Anyone Other Than Allah
6. Animals Living in Water all Halal
7. Animals Sacrificed to Idols
8. Animals Slaughtered for Churches, Shrines and Festivals
9. Beautification is Characteristic of Islam
10. Beauty in the Home
11. Children`s Toys are Exempted
12. Debased Figure
13. Debt
14. Deformed and Defaced Statues
15. Dyeing of Hair
16. Erotic Arts
17. Flowing Blood is Prohibited
18. Food And Drinks
19. Further Classifications of the Dead Animal
20. Gold and Ornaments
21. Gold and Silk Permitted to Woman
22. Growing of the Beard
23. Hair Dressing
24. Harmful Things are Haram
25. In case of Absolute Necessity
26. Interest and Usury
27. Intoxicants are Haram, in Any Amount
28. Intoxicating Drugs
29. Islam Permits What is Lawful and Clean
30. Islamic Manner of Slaughtering and its wisdom
31. Islamic Manner of Slaughtering Animals
32. Islamic Slaughtering
33. Keeping Dogs
34. Lawful and Prohibited Dress
35. Making and Acquisition of Statues
36. Malady cannot be a Remedy
37. Moustache
38. Narcotics
39. Not to be Given as a Gift
40. Paintings
41. Photographs
42. Prohibited Food used as Medicine
43. Prohibition of Eating the Flesh of a Dead Animal
44. Prostitution
45. Reasons for the Prohibition of Statues
46. Reasons to the Prohibition of Dead Animals
47. Sea Food and Locusts
48. Statues
49. The Accursed Lender, Borrower, Deed-writer etc.
50. The Topic of Photographs
51. Utensils of Gold and Silver
52. Why the Prohibition of Interest?
53. Wigs and Hairpieces
54. Wisdom of Mentioning Allah`s Name
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Islam Permits What is Lawful and Clean 

This was the state of the world when Islam came.  They permitted many kinds of impure foods while prohibited many things pure and clean.

Then Allah, the Exalted declared:

“O mankind!     Partake of what is lawful and clean in the earth, and follow not in the footsteps of Satan; verily he is to you an open foe.” Q. 2:168

Allah has made nature work in accordance with the physical laws and has, through His Messengers, vouchsafed to humanity the laws of the Shairah, which may be called as the laws of right guidance for man. It is Allah alone Who in His infinite wisdom, frames them with their moral and spiritual contents. So the Muslims should freely partake of all those clean things, which Allah has made lawful for them, and should not care at all for the wrong verdicts of the misguided persons who, out of their own whim, declared things unlawful, which Allah has made lawful. It is the sheer transgression of the rights of Allah and thus a satanic act.

In verse No. 168, the address was to the entire mankind but here-under the Muslims are exhorted to partake of the clean things provided by the sustainer of the universe and they are told that if all the people do not take to the right course, at least, you, who believe in Allah and claim yourselves to be His servants, should make use of all the clean things created by Him and thank Him for His unbounded favors upon you that he has not only provided you with clean things but has made lawful for you many a thing which had been unfortunately declared unlawful for you by your priests and religious leaders.

"O you who believe! Partake of the clean things wherewith We have provided you and give thanks to Allah, if indeed you really serve Him.

Verily He has forbidden to you only that which dies of itself and blood, and the flesh of swine, and that over which any name other than Allah`s has been invoked but whosoever is driven by extreme necessity-neither desiring it, nor exceeding (the bare limit of extreme necessity) no sin shall be upon him. Verily Allah is All-Forgiving, All-Merciful.” Q: 2:172-173

Here the attitude of Islam towards worldly life and its uses has been defined clearly. Islam does not teach self-negation or self-annihilation but exhorts its followers to make use of the bounties of Lord according to His laws, Islam has never encouraged asceticism in which there is a systematic letting die of all the propensities of life," and of stripping off to the uttermost of everything earthly and human.

If you really believe in Allah and worship Him then you must not accept those restrictions in regard to the use of the bounties of Allah, which priests have imposed on their own accord and have attributed them falsely to Allah.

"Maiyatah" signifies an animal which has died a natural death or which has not been slaughtered in the manner prescribed by the Law of the Shariah. It is not only the flesh of the swine, which we are forbidden to eat, but every part of it is unclean and the Muslims are prohibited to make use of it.