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 A Terrorist State

A Terrorist State

Roots of terrorism can be found in French revolution when it was used as a political weapon. Most researchers agree that all kinds of terrorism contain violence or threat of violence to advance some political end as the common element, and it aims at the destruction of innocent people. In recent times, states have started imvolving themselves in terrorism acts. The most glaring examples of this fact are Israel and India. Israel is promoting nefarious designs of America by killing the Muslims of Palestine in particular and the Muslims of other areas in general to fulfill the dream of "the Greater Israel", after having acquired absolute hold over the area. Israel is the sole state in the world which has vowed to capture the world communities aggressively and for this purpose it has used all means of atrocities to curb the Palestinians. Some people think that the targets of Israel`s aggression are only Arab countries. But the reality is far more than that. "Zionist`s International Jewry" is functional and active enough for the propagation and true communication of these ideas. Its headquarters, is situated in Switzerland`s city, Basil. Its first meeting was held in 1897 which declared that Jews all over the world would endeavor to create a Zionist state and controlling the governments of big powers including America, Britain, Russia and France, would gain materialistic possessions. Israel`s idea of expansionism can be understood easily that it considers Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Lebaonon and Egypt its property, and Zionist forces are working hard to occupy these states.

It is the most enthusiastic slogan of Israeli youth, "O Israel, thy boundaries extend from Neil to Farat".

The state is so war fanatic that when a citizen of Israel wrote a book in favour of peace, he was put behind the bars. Israel considers the attainment of all the sources of water, rooted in Syria as necessary for its security and solidarity.

In case of Egypt, the poisonous saying of the founder of Zionist state is enough "Sina and Al-Aresh would be the land of those Jews who would come to their country". Actually, Zionists want to take hold of the Suez canal to fulfill the dream of "Greater Israel". Zionists` eyes are not only on "Neil to Farat", but they want to capture whole of Iraq.

Moshey Dayan declared after capturing Jerusalem on 6th June 1967, "we have captured Jerusalem. Now we are going to take Yasrab(Madina) and Babal. The intentions to occupy Makkah and Madina are quit clear. In fact, they want to take hold of all these areas such as "Khyber, Tabuk and Madina etc. from which they had been expelled by the Messenger of Allah.

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