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 Hud (prophet)

For other meanings of Hud, see HUD

Hud (Arabic ???) is a prophet of Islam. The eleventh sura of the Qur`an, Hud, is named after him. In the Bible he is known as Eber.

According to Islamic tradition, Hud was born five generations after Nuh (???) (although there is no mention of the amount of time lapsed after Noah in the Qur`an), as was Eber but only according to the Septuagint. In that time, his people had completely forgotten about The Flood that had struck generations past and had begun worshipping idols made of stone. Despite Hud`s warnings and admonitions the people persisted in their idolatry (shirk). To punish them, God (Arabic:Allah) sent a drought. Even after the drought, the people would not relent, so they were destroyed in a large storm from which only Hud and a few believers emerged.

The Qur`an states that Hud was sent as a warning to the people of `Ad (???). The recently discovered city of Ubar, mentioned in the Qur`an as Iram (????), is believed to have been the capital of `Ad.

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