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 Saleh ( Prophet )
Not to be confused with the city of Salè, Morocco.

Saleh (Arabic: ????) is a prophet of Islam that is mentioned in the Qur`an.

According to Islamic tradition, Saleh was born nine generations after Nuh (Noah) and the flood. He lived in an area in between Palestine and the Hijaz, regarded by many to be where the ancient city of Petra is, currently in Jordan, due to descriptions of Saleh`s people living in stone houses carved in mountains. His people worshipped idols made from stone. Saleh tried to teach his people not to worship idols and to embrace Tawhid, but they refused. They asked Saleh for a miracle so Allah (God) created a camel. Instead of feeding the camel as Saleh instructed, the people killed it, so God ordered Saleh to leave his people and he complied. This was followed by a massive earthquake which destroyed his former people. This character is certainly associated with the biblical Shelah, although there are discrepancies between the Torah and Septuagint as to what his generation.

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