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 Lut ( Prophet )
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Lut (Arabic: ??? ) was a prophet mentioned in the Qur`an and known as Lot in the Bible.

According to Islamic tradition, Lut lived in Ur and was a nephew of Ibrahim. He was commanded by God to go to the land of Sodom and Gomorra where the people were well-known for their indulgence in homosexual lifestyles. When he arrived there, the people ridiculed his teachings and ignored him.

Allah`s repeated offer of forgiveness was communicated by Lut but each time it fell on deaf ears.

And Lut, when he said to his tribe: "Do you commit an obscenity not perpetrated before you by anyone in all the worlds? You come with lust to men instead of women. You are indeed a depraved tribe." The only answer of his tribe was to say: "Expel them from your city! They are people who keep themselves pure!" So We rescued him and his family-except for his wife. She was one of those who stayed behind. We rained down a rain upon them. See the final fate of the evildoers!
(Qur`an, 7:80-84)

Lut, who was a patient, determined, and courageous servant, manifested his joyous faith in and respect for God. His tribe`s mockery and attacks only reinforced his enthusiasm and determination. Like all of the other prophets, he continued to command what is good and forbid what is evil, thus scrupulously fulfilling his God-given duty.

"Of all beings, do you lie with males, leaving the wives God has created for you? You are a people who have overstepped the limits." They said: "Lut, if you do not desist, you will be expelled." He said: "I am someone who detests the deed you perpetrate." (Qur`an, 26:165)

God sends angels disguised as two men came to Lut as his guests. His tribe heard about the men guests and demanded Lut to give them the two men. The Qur`an tells that Lut was willing to offer his daughters for marriage instead so that people would turn away from the prohibited act of homosexuality.

His tribe came running to him excitedly — they were long used to committing evil acts. He said: "My people, here are my daughters. They are purer for you (to marry). So fear God and do not shame me with my guests. Is there not one rightly-guided man among you?" They said: "You know we have no claim on your daughters. You know very well what we want." (Qur`an, 11:78-79)

The people ignore the offer. Then finally the angels gave him the news of the imminent destruction of the city`s people, and Allah ordered the prophet to take away his selected people and leave his wife, and not to look back upon the city.

They said: "Lut, we are messengers from your Lord. They will not be able to get at you. Set out with your family-except for your wife-in the middle of the night, and none of you should look back. What strikes them will strike her as well. Their promised appointment is the morning. Is the morning not close at hand?" (Qur`an, 11:81)

The Biblical version includes stories of Lot`s incestuous relationship with his daughters, which does not appear in Qur`an.

References to Lot in the Qur`an

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