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 Yaqub ( AS )

Yaqub, also Yacoub, is a prophet of Islam mentioned in the Qur`an. In the Bible he is known as Jacob.

Yaqub was born to Ishaq (the biblical Isaac), and was thus the grandson of Ibrahim (the biblical Abraham). Yaqub was born in Canaan. Like his father and grandfather he was a prophet of God who preached the oneness of God. Yaqub had twelve sons and a daughter. His sons would go on to father the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Among his sons was another prophet named Yusuf (the biblical Joseph).

Yaqub (English: Jacob) in the Qur`an

The Qur`an does not give many details of Jacob’s life, though it says he was a righteous prophet, and of the company of the Elect and the Good, who received inspiration from God (38:47, 21:75). God perfected his favor on Jacob and his posterity as he perfected his favor on Abraham and Isaac (12:6). He was a man of might and vision (38:45) and was chosen by God to preach the Message.

The Qur`an stresses that worshiping and bowing to the one true God (Arabic: Allah) was the main legacy of Jacob and his fathers (2:132-133). The Qur`an states that salvation hinges upon this legacy rather than being Jew or Christian (See 2:130-141).

Nation of Islam

For more details on this topic, see Yakub.

In the mythology of the black supremacist movement the Nation of Islam, Jacob`s name is spelled Yakub. Instead of being seen as the father of the twelve tribes of Israel he is presented as an evil scientist who created the white race by genetic experimentation on an isolated group of the original black peoples of the world, conducted on the island of Patmos. Breeding this white race took six hundred years. Yakub`s progeny are destined by God to be the ruling race of the world for an allotted period of six thousand years, before the original black race regains dominance, a process that is supposed to have begun in 1914. Originating with Wallace Fard Muhammad, the prophet of the Nation of Islam, the sources of this idiosyncratic theory have yet to be fully traced, but probably derive from anti-Semitic ideas of the time according to which Jews are an "artificial race". This notion is then generalised to white people, of which Jews are perceived as a sub-group. Adherents of the Nation of Islam, however, are not Muslims.

References to Jacob in the Qur`an

  • Appraisals for Jacob: 6:84,