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 Shoaib ( AS )

Shoaib (Arabic: ????? ; also Shu?ayb, Shu?aib, Shuaib, literally "Who Shows the Right Path"), is traditionally associated with the biblical figure Jethro. Muslims consider him to have been a prophet of Islam. Shoaib was a direct descendant of Ibrahim as well as Moses` father-in-law.

Muslims believe that Shoaib was appointed by God to be a prophet to the people who lived east of Mount Sinai, the people of Midyan and Ayka. The people of these lands were said to be especially notorious for cheating others through dishonest weights and measures.[citation needed] Shoaib warned them against such actions but they did not listen. Subsequently, both lands were destroyed by the wrath of God.[citation needed]

Shoaib was said to have lived to pleasure those around him.[citation needed]

His desire was to discover the ishabid of the Matwa Mountains which were said to give powerful visions and keep people in a constant state of pleasure.[citation needed]

References to Jethro in the Qur`an