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 Illyas (AS)

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Ilyas (Arabic ?????) is a prophet of Islam mentioned in the Qur`an. In the Bible, he is known as Elijah, and also known as Ilyaseen.

Ilyas was descended from Harun, and was a prophet sent to the Israelites.

After the death of Sulayman, his kingdom fell apart. This allowed the influence of Satan to become widespread among the people of Israel. The religious people were mocked. The ruler of Samaria killed a large number of learned people. When the evil reached a boiling point, God sent Ilyas to reform mankind during the reign of King Ahab of Israel. He tried his best to save the people from polytheism. He forbade them to worship the Tyrian Baal. He advised the people to ward off evil and worship One God.

However his efforts bore no fruit. He suddenly appeared before the king and foretold that a severe drought and famine would overtake the kingdom. Ilyas added that the Tyrian Baal would be powerless to avert it. The people paid no heed to his warnings and did not mend their ways. The prophecy of Ilyas turned out to be true and whole of the kingdom experienced famine.

The people began to starve. After three years Ilyas prayed to God to show mercy to the famine stricken people. They acknowledged the authority of God and felt regret. Soon after the rain ended the drought, God lifted his curses. After this Ilyas was directed by God to call upon Al-Yasa to be his successor. Ilyas did this and disappeared mysteriously.

References to Elijah (Arabic: Ilyas) in the Qur`an