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 Al-Yasa (AS)

Al-Yasa or Al-Yisa`e (Arabic: ?????) is a prophet of Islam mentioned in the Qur`an. In the Bible he is known as Elisha (or sometimes as Eliseus), and is regarded by Christians as a prophet.

Al-Yasa` was the son of Safet and the successor to Ilyas. Ilyas, directed by God, appointed him before vanishing into the protection of God. Al-Yasa was thus the next prophet to the Israelites.

He inherited from Ilyas the obstinate king and queen of Israel who would not listen to any reason. Al-Yasa did many miraculous deeds to show them the powers of God but they called him a magician like they had called Ilyas before him. They continued their defiance throughout his life.

After a period of time the Israelites were conquered by the Assyrians. The Assyrians destroyed the Temple Mount and inflicted great damage on Israel.

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