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 Yahya (AS)
John the Baptist (also called John the Baptizer, or Yahya the Baptizer) is regarded as a prophet by three religions: Christianity, Islam, and Mandaeanism. According to Luke 1:36, he was a relative of Jesus, though Mandaeans dispute this. That he was a prophet is asserted by the Synoptic Gospels and the Qur`an. He is also commonly referred to as John the Forerunner/Precursor because according to Christians (but not Mandaeans) he was the forerunner of Christ (Tiphshut).

John the Baptist in the New Testament

Main article: Zacharias

Unlike the other Synoptic Gospels, which introduce John the Baptist into the narrative as an adult, the Gospel of Luke provides an account of his infancy. According to Luke, John the Baptist was the forerunner of Jesus Christ, and son of Zacharias and Elisabeth; his birth, name, and office, being foretold by the angel Gabriel to Zacharias, while Zacharias was performing his functions as a priest in the temple of Jerusalem. According to Luke, Zacharias was a priest of the course of Abijah, and his wife, Elisabeth, was of the Daughters of Aaron Luke 1:5, and consequently John automatically held the priesthood of Aaron, giving him authority in Jewish eyes to perform baptisms of God.

Luke states that John was born about six months before Jesus, and that Zacharias` unbelief over the birth of his son led to him losing his power of speech, which was only restored on the occasion of John`s circumcision (Luke 1:64). On the basis of Luke`s account, the Catholic calendar placed the feast of St.John the Baptist on june 24, 6 months before Christmas.

John the baptist is known in Mandaic as Yihja jahane .

Public ministry

Main article: Baptism of Jesus

Luke states that John was a Nazarite from his birth (Luke 1:15), and the synoptics agree that he spent his early years in the mountainous tract of Judea, lying in the wilderness between Jerusalem and the Dead Sea (var vclk_options = {sid:69131,media_id:6,media_type:8,version:"1.3"};