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Ramadhan: A Reminder of Unity
In Ramadan Paradise Opens its Doors
Ramadan Month of the Quraan
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 Iman or Faith

Iman is the unshakable belief, without a shadow of doubt, arising out of knowledge and firm conviction, in:


A). the existence of one and only true God with all His attributes,


B). all the true Prophets of the past, Mohammad (P*) being the last Prophet,


C). all the revealed unaltered Holy Books of God,


D). the angels of God,


E). life after death and the Day of Judgment,


F). fate


A)Faith in the existence of one and only true God with all His absolute attributes as described previously:


He must believe in Him whole heartedly and obey His commandments. Believing in God without any doubt and obeying His commandments without any hesitation, guides a person to follow the path that leads to eternal life and salvation.


B) Faith in all the true Prophets of the past, Mohammad (P*) being the last Prophet:


A Muslim must believe and accept all the true Prophets of God. He must not make distinction between any of His messengers. He must show the highest respect to each and every prophet of God, even when the followers of other Prophets do not show any respect to Prophet Mohammad (P*). You will not find a Muslim on the earth who will say one disrespectful word against Prophet Moses, Jesus (P*) or any other Prophet. Besides Christianity, Islam is the only religion on earth which accepts the miraculous birth of Prophet Jesus (P*) in its Holy Book. A Muslim must add "peace and blessings of God be upon him" after pronouncing the name of every Prophet. Muslims show the highest reverence to Moses (P*) and Jesus (P*). Unfortunately many of their followers have not been able to show respect to the Prophet of Islam.