Hajj or Pilgrimage
Iman or Faith
Salat or Prayer
Sawm or Fasting
Zakat or Poor Due
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The Rightly-Guided Caliphs
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The Fast of Ramadan
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Salat - Mathematical Structure
70 Matters Related to Fasting
Ramadan: The Month of Mercy to Muslims
Reaping the benefits of Ramadan
The virtue of the last ten days of Ramadaan and Laylat al-Qadr
The Salaf In Ramadaan
Remaining Steadfast After Ramadhaan
Reality and Obligation in Ramadan
Ramadhan: A Reminder of Unity
In Ramadan Paradise Opens its Doors
Ramadan Month of the Quraan
Questions on Ramadhaan
On Fasting Without Prayers
The Inner Secrets of Fasting
Important Lessons From Ramadan
Establishing Ramadhan and Other Islamic Dates
Eid & Zakat ul-Fitr
Salah or Prayer
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 Salat or Prayer

Worship of God was ordained for all the Prophets and the people in the past. Islamic concept of worship is very wide. All things that pleases God are good. Any act that pleases God is a form of worship. If you lead a truthful and righteous life according to the laws of God, help the poor, and feed the hungry, you are worshipping God.


Besides these acts of worship, there are daily prayers performed five times a day at specific hours, according to the instructions given by Prophet Mohammad (P*). The various positions and postures during the prayers are external expressions of one`s submission to God. Sincere prayers five times a day, keep one away from evil deeds. How many times can a person sincerely ask forgiveness from God for his evil thoughts and deed, then after the prayer go and repeat them again only to ask forgiveness at the next prayer? Very soon he will start feeling ashamed and will quit doing evil things. Islam is the only religion where God is worshipped in the pure form. Although all other religions also say worshipping one god, but in practice, one form or other, they worship God`s creation.